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25 Project Ideas to Practice Your Programming Skills (PART I)

Are you bored with diving into more tutorials and courses? Wanna try something new? I have an idea for building lots of applications which you can implement right away or just to be more ambitious and try to build the whole full-stack app with front-end and back-end. Are you ready?

Let’s begin.

1. Memory Game.

An easy game where you have cards and you hide them all and randomly choose two and compare them with each other. If they are good you stay with them if not you hide them again and choose again. I am sure that you play in this game when was a child.

2. Hangman Game.

It is a word game when you simply need to find the right words.

3. Millionaire Game.

It is another quiz game, where you answer the questions and win the money.

These 4 I am sure that I don’t need to explain:

4. Sudoku Game.

5. Checkers.

6. Chess.

7. Rock Paper Scissors

And below we have a calculator- a very easy beginner-friendly project.

8. Calculator

9. Currency Converter

10. Encrypt and decrypt a text

11. App for ZIP file

12. Generating passwords

13. URL Shortener

14. Calorie counter

15 Timer Event

16. Generator of memes

17. FTP Client

18. Word Clone

19. Easy CRUD Web Application

20. Groceries List

21. App for learning languages

22. App for sending SMS

23. App using external APIs

25. App which monitors the user

The list goes on, and I will soon give the next part. See you next time. Happy Coding.

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