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10 Project Ideas to Practice Your Programming Skills (PART II)

As I promised, I come up with a list of completely new ideas for you. Today, we discover some ideas which are not only good for practising your programming skills, but also for making money.

Let’s begin.

  1. App for creating beautiful charts – almost everyone needs to see your data on charts in the wonderful view. As you know programming is all about showing the data in a pleasant way to the viewer, so it is nice to create an app with different charts where user can easily add your data and show others or simply download a chart and put in other places. Everything depends on you.
  2. Weather App – an excellent idea for exercise call external API and show the weather to the user.
  3. Tourist Info App – an app where you can easily put your best places to visit. People can review them and see them in the photo, and also read about them. It helps to get to know more places to visit.
  4. Social Network – Next Facebook? Who knows? Maybe, you create the next big social network and make lots of money.
  5. App for generating similar, unique texts – extra helpful for copywriters.
  6. Chat App – app for communicating with people, lots of possibilities to learn more about Web Sockets.
  7. App Lift – app for imitating the lift.
  8. App for farmers – where every user can create their own plan to sell veggies and fruits, vaccinate animals and much more.
  9. App for personal trainers – where every user can plan the exercises.
  10. System Management App – where you can manage different things. For example, in hotels, you need to manage the rooms, in hospitals you need to manage patients and so on. Possibilities are endless.

As you can see there are many ideas to create a great app, you can try them all or one of them. Some are easy, some more difficult. But remember you are not alone. You always have Google and the famous StackOverflow if feel stuck. Only practice makes you master. So, don’t wait for the right moment, try to code even now. If you find it helpful, please, comment down below or share it with others.

Happy Coding, then!

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