How #100DaysOfCode has changed my life?

It was April 22, Friday, 2022. It seems that it will be the next typical day of my life. When I was scrolling on my Twitter account, I came across people who actually coded every day, just by tweeting about their journey in one single Tweet. I’ve seen this many times, but this day I thought: Ok, hold on. You write code almost every day. You really love it. Why you can’t start this challenge? You also can be like those people, happy and proud of doing #100DaysOfCode.

So, I decided that I did my challenge, my own challenge to be more consistent in my coding journey.

What is #100DaysOfCode?

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I am sure, that maybe you encountered here and you don’t even know what is actually #100DaysOfCode. Here, I need to say that it is a challenge where every day you need to code 1hour or more and then tweet about it on your Twitter account by giving the hashtag: #100DaysOfCode. You can find more information about this here:

What did I actually learn by doing #100DaysOfCode?

First of all, I documented my journey here:

So if you are just curious about what it can look like. You can check it out and follow my Twitter account:

When I was starting my #100DaysOfCode I was a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, JS and Python language, so I decided to jump into React. I took some courses and then start to actually make my GitHub account. I did lots of projects connected with React.

Not everything I published in the public, but generally speaking, I learned a lot. Then I learned Node.js and Express.js and I created my first full-stack app: Vege Recipe App where people can easily share their ideas and photos about vegan recipes. I remember that I also start learning Algorithms in JS and much more.

As you see, I did a lot, I learned that only consistent work pays off. In 90 days of Code, I started applying and still I am applying for a job as Frontend Dev. I hope, that soon I will get the job. And how about you? Don’t wait for a miracle! Start doing #100DaysOfCode and come your dreams true. I really wish you all the best.

Happy Coding!

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