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How to learn math fast in 6 steps?

What do you think? How much your life would be easier if you will know better maths? How easily you will predict some situations in life? Don’t think that you are not smart enough because it is not true. I am sure that everybody has the power to learn math and your journey starts here when you realise that you can do it. Are you ready? I am sure that you do. Let’s start.

1. Know your WHY.

 Wanna learn fast? You need to know your WHY. You need to know why exactly you need to learn maths. It is a crucial point in your preparation to learn mathematics. It will be really different approach for those people who are in high school, or in university or even wanna learn math on their own. You need to know if you only want to learn some more topics to get better grades or you really want to understand the subject.

Take a minute, and even better write it down, WHY exactly you wanna learn maths so fast? How you will be feel when you will have achieved this? How’s your life change and how math help you to become better version of yourself? Interesting? Yes, even better you need to think about a math as a TOOL. Yes, that is the tool to solving your own problems.

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2. Get a foundation.

When you are here. I am sure that you are a reader who really wanna learn maths, know your WHY but don’t know HOW and that’s the point. First of all, start by reading your textbook. Because you have it, right? Every textbook starts somewhere, and it starts slow and that’s the point. You need to read very carefully at the beginning of each chapter and try to understand what exactly is happening there.

Slowly and very slowly try to connect your previous knowledge with those concepts what are you reading now. Easy? Not quite. But it is a process of learning. You need to know every word in your textbook in depth. What I mean by that is to really understand what the author wants to say. Try even do more, go beyond and even try to read another textbook or books with concepts which you don’t understand. Remember the point! You need to understand everything to get closer to your goals.

It all starts to put a really big foundation in your knowledge and you start to be like an explorer who is really interested in the subject. Stuck? Don’t worry everybody has hard moments in maths. Just take a minute a break and come back. Do you come across proof with an explanation? Just start proving yourself. Hard? Yes, it is. It is the process of your learning. Don’t be discouraged. Everything demands time and maths is not a sprint it is a marathon. Very long, beautiful marathon, full of surprises and strange situations.

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3. Practice, practice, practice.

Ok, I just finished a chapter of the textbook, write it down some concepts and proofs and what is now? Practice, practice, practice. What exactly do you mean by that? Exercise, check it and once again exercise. Do lots of exercises which help you discover the fascinating world of mathematics.

Your behaviour should be like that: learn concepts, prove them if you can and do lots of exercise with these concepts. That is the key to learning, it is no shortcut. You need to put your hand dirty, you need to put a lot of work into math to learn fast. And practice makes you perfect, me dear reader. Be patient, everything comes to you at the right time.

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4. Ask for help.

But I can’t solve a problem. What should I do now? First of all, you should analyze the problem first. You need to understand what you really don’t understand. Then, of course, find a person who can do much more maths than you and ask for help.

Don’t panic, it is not the end of the world. Asking for help is sometimes better than waiting for a miracle, but of course, you should spend a bit of time digging deeper into the problem even if you don’t understand I am sure that you find more ways to solve this problem.

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5. Teach others.

You know concepts, solve problems, and prove them. You are on the right track. Keep going and start to learn from others. It is the best way to explain and understand difficult concepts even better than you think. When you try to help others people you even learn twice. That’s the point. You get better and better even quicker than you think. Great. You are all most there.

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6. Know the better history of concepts – just explore the topic

You did everything that I said, it is much more difficult but even more fun to dig deeper into concepts and start exploring to find the history of this concept. Who exactly finds it and how? That’s can be interesting and even better if it is possible to find some applications of these concepts and stop people who are saying that maths is only for schools.

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 If you do this, you are a master here, you really understand concepts and can explain them to others and know fun or important facts about them. That’s great. Take the next step and start exploring the next concept and the next and so on. That’s the process of learning maths really fast with solid understanding. I wish you lots of beautiful concepts and facts to explore in your exciting journey. Happy Coding! Not yet, Happy Mathematics my dear reader! 😉

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