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Learning by mistakes? How do I deal with it? | #100DaysOfCode

Have you ever learned something and felt that every step you make is not perfect? You never be ready for doing something right 100%. That sounds obvious, but anyway I am that kind of person who still wants to learn more and more and be really good at something which allows me to feel the passion in life. That’s the feeling I had when I was studying math at my University, and now I have almost the same feeling when I am coding.

I am sure that you think now, what she talks about, we have blogged about programming and other IT stuff here. Ok, ok…hold on. Everyone has the days when not everything is right, and when you need to stop sometimes to grasp a big breath of life to think about it what you really do. I was not convinced if I should write about it on my blog, but I came across it on video on YouTube. I thought it would be great if you watch it too. If you had the same problem as me and still make a lot of mistakes when you are learning:

The film actually gives 10 main mistakes when you are learning, and I need to agree with almost everything there. I sometimes go too fast and do not practice a lot with code. I made this basic mistake. I fall into tutorials hell. And I need to say that I was ashamed that everybody goes so smoothly with coding and despite doing lots still I need a little tutorial. So, I made the decision a couple of days ago.

I have challenged myself to do a #100DaysOfCode and actually write about it on Twitter and on my GitHub account, and also try to add my new feature to the existing one. You can follow my progress on Twitter.

I also start learning React. It is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, which allows you to create a better user experience. And yes, this is something that I was looking for and found eventually. OK, but you can even ask but what about Vue and Angular? They are also good. But for this purpose of the article and my learning, we will be focusing only on React.

Here, I want to thank you to They have amazing courses which allow me to grow quickly in learning React, JS and much more.  You can check it out below to grab and learn React too, my dear reader. LINK:

Till now, I’ve done a couple of projects. You can check it out below:

Travel Jornal App

Meme Generator

Note App

Still not perfect, but nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. It allows us to grow in the subject and start thinking and creating in a more amazing way. I hope, that my today post gives you a little bit of inspiration to always take lessons from your mistakes and never give up.

Happy Coding!

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